Football, pizza and beer: join us and enjoy the World Cup the Italian way!

Looking for a cool City venue where to watch some of the World Cup matches?

Pop-up Pizza Rossa, which opened last week at 4-12 Whittington Avenue, London EC3V 1AB, corner of Leadenhall Street at Leadenhall Market, ticks all the boxes for football aficionados in the City.

Gourmet-quality pizza al taglio – by the square slice – is on offer from just £2.95, along with Italy’s most popular and most unusual beers such as Peroni and Moretti, as well as  Ichnusa, the speciality beer from Sardinia.  Beers are £3.95 per 33cl bottle.

With a 55-inch screen, and a large area for both seating and standing, Pizza Rossa is a great alternative to the nearby over-full pubs and bars and during the World Cup, the venue is open until 8 pm Monday to Friday.

Service is speedy too: pizza al taglio is ready in just 90 seconds from placing the order to your first bite of a piping hot pizza, so you can enjoy a piece of pizza without missing a piece of the action.

Join us to watch the World Cup

Join us to watch the World Cup

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